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Images - Leak Detection and Test Equipment - Foam Generator
This method is ideal for finding leaky tubes quickly when posed with large time sensitive jobs. For example, both halves of a 200 MW condenser can be effectively tested on-line or off-line in less than 3 hours.
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John R Robinson Inc
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General Information

The Foam Generator Model 1-965-42 is the answer to high volume, low cost, portable leak detection

Product DescriptionSpecification
How it works:
When testing a condenser for leaks, both tube sheets are sealed with foam. When the steam side of the tube is exposed to a vacuum, it will create a vacuum inside the leaking tube and the foam plugs will recede into the leaky tube. When the steam side is exposed to pressure, the inside of the tube becomes pressurized and foam plugs will be forced out of the leaking tubes.
Each generator comes complete with one 25’ foam hose, one 25’ air hose and one air gun.*We recommend using two foam generators, one on each end of the condenser. This will reduce the chance of missing leaks as well as mismatching plugs. *
Formula #65 Foaming Agent:
The foaming agent is of the highest quality, is biodegradable, and is designed for strong film strength that will foam in the presence of fresh water or salt water.  

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